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House #1 (KAHLER):

North on Holiday Hill from Loop 250. Left (W) on Sherwood, Right (N) on Sandstone, Left (W) on Fall Creek, Right (NW) on Barking Rock, Right (N) on Woodrose.

6305 Woodrose.


House #2 (CARRASCO):

Back to Barking Rock, turn left (E) to Fall Creek. Then left (E) to Sandstone. Sandstone to Sherwood- turn right (w) to Lone Oak-turn left (s). Peregrine Hill-turn right (w). Go around the street, it turns left (S) Home on the left side.

206 Peregrine Hill


House #3 (ANDERSON):

Get back to Holiday Hill. Go right (S) Frio- turn right (W) Drive to San Diego, turn right (N)

4511 San Diego


House #4 (DOZIER):

Head back to Frio, turn right (W) drive to San Pedro. 
Turn right (N) 4508 San Pedro


House #5 (STEVENS):

Turn around on San Pedro, heading south, to Santa Clarita. Turn right (W).

4500 Solona


House #6 & #7 (J4G):

Get on Loop 250 heading East. Exit Fairgrounds Road, Right (S) on Fairgrounds Road, Left (E) on I-20 Frontage Road (Before Front Street), Left (N) on Cheyenne Street, Left (W) on Alkan Street.

2609 & 2611 Alkan

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House #8 (OLGIN):

Get back on Fairgrounds. Go left (S) to Cloverdale. Turn left (E) on Cloverdale Road which is FM 307.  Take 307 to SCR 1130. Turn Right (S). Drive to ECR 110-about 1 mile. Turn left (E) on ECR 110. Drive about 2 miles to Chaney Ranch on the Right (S) Turn on SCR 118 to the Right (S) Drive several streets down to ECR 112 on the right (W) 7110 ECR 112


House #9 (CROSSBLADE):

Go back to ECR 110-turn right (E). It dead ends into SCR 1110.  Turn left (N). Takes you back to FM 307. Turn right (E) Go past the Greenwood Schools about 2 miles. Turn right (S) to S CR 1060. 2403 S CR 1060